What is your dream?

If your dream, like ours, is to build a sustainable Mexico, we remind you that local actions can have great impacts; We invite you to contact us so we can support you to fulfill these dreams.

Below are the answers to questions that we were asked in the past and that could help you today:

What is it about?

The platform allows you to register in a form that consists of different sections, Fundación Tláloc offers you advice, help, information and links with different people and organizations that can reinforce and together help make your dream a reality. With the sum of efforts we can achieve it!

How do I register my project?

The registry consists of two phases:
1. Register the representative of the group that will carry out the project; If it is an individual project, sign up yourself.
2. That representative accesses to the account and clicks on the “Add project” button. Once added, you can modify it or continue enriching it by clicking on “Edit project”.

What happens if I don't finish the registration in 30 days?

Unfortunately your information will be lost and you will have to start over.

What happens if we are more people in my proposal?

If you are developing a team proposal, they will have to choose a representative to register their personal data and function as a contact between their team and Fundación Tláloc.

Can I register more than one proposal?

You can register several of them, but consider that each proposal requires a lot of effort and time, so we recommend that if you have more than one proposal, order them according to their relevance and you go working one by one.

What happens after finishing my registration?

Fundación Tláloc will know your proposal and will contact you to provide feedback so that you can define the steps to follow and help you with the development of your idea. Consider that there is no time limit for the realization of your dream and it will depend on teamwork and everyone’s effort. Let’s do it!

If you have a question whose answer does not appear in this section, send an email to decalogosustentable@fundaciontlaloc.org and we will answer you back.