What is your dream?

We want to provoke and see a rain of local, national, regional, global projects; all aligned to the SDGs.

To be

To recognize oneself in the daily doing, where this doing contributes to being the maximum version of oneself.

Grow by helping others to grow

It is about acting today and building on the road, always generating possibilities for others to do it too.

Build bridges

Open and collaborative doors are what distinguishes our actions.

To empower

Convert the beneficiaries of each project into the social authors capable of transforming their realities.


Sustainable Decalogue

The Sustainable Decalogue is a great movement in favor of sustainability. Part of raising awareness and raising awareness about the importance of getting involved in projects that seek the sustainability of our communities.

In this platform you will find other projects that like yours can be managed through a tool that we call What is your dream?

It all starts with an individual commitment that is promoted through this Decalogue, we only ask you to subscribe, by registering you can be part of a collective learning community that, through concrete initiatives, gives life to the dream of building a sustainable global society.

Participation levels

Become a social author implies a process that starts from oneself. Each of us can reflect and modify their own daily actions; participate in the cultural, environmental, social offer of our communities, as well as achieve collective action to generate a change in public policy or positive impact on the environment.

Nivel 1 Individual



It is when I commit and change my daily habits for those that are sustainable.



Through your presence, give life to your community, how? attending the events that are organized in the public space and forums of your locality. Join our volunteer movement and act!

nivel 2 participativo
Level 3 Social author


Social author

Generate a local project that contributes to the SDG agenda and, in general, to global sustainability.

Tell us what is your dream?. We will guide you to carry it out.

Where to start

To promote the Sustainable Decalogue, but above all to put it into practice in daily life, we offer you some concrete advice related to 10 critical issues that are:

movilidad sustentable ícono

Sustainable mobility

[ I move smart ]

Currently, vehicles and buses consume significant amounts of fuel from fossil sources, so they emit greenhouse gases (GHG), which cause climate change.

In Mexico, more than 20% of GHGs are associated with the transport sector.

ícono de movimiento energía


[ I moderate energy consumption ]

The largest amount of energy produced and consumed comes from non-renewable natural resources. Of the total energy used in Mexico, more than 80% comes from fossil sources!

movimiento consumo responsable

Responsible consumption

[ I choose ]

Excessive consumption is an essential factor causing environmental deterioration in our time.

sociedad justa

Fair society

[ Be more than have ]

Cooperation as a maximum, instead of competition and accumulation.

movimiento naturaleza


[ I revalue ]

The self-centered vision propitiates the limits of nature beyond the current production and consumption schemes, which have led to the excessive exploitation of natural resources. MEXICO IS ONE OF THE 5 COUNTRIES WITH GREATER BIODIVERSITY IN THE WORLD!

Let’s take care of our ecosystems!

movimiento Participación ciudadana

Citizen participation

[ I act informed ]

An informed and participatory society is fundamental in the construction of a better country. However, in Mexico, only 0.4% of the economically active population participates in the nonprofit sector, while in the United States it reaches 7.8%.

You can be the difference, Get involved in the life of your community.

Solid waste

[ I reduce ]

Solid waste and liquids produced by its decomposition contaminate the soil, water and air; compromising the life of living beings.

Did you know that unrecovered waste kills up to 100,000 mammals a year in the world?!

movimiento ir mas alla

Go further

[ I react ]

Changes are possible and begin in oneself, if you have already become aware of living according to the advice of the Sustainable Decalogue, what follows is to ask yourself, What is your dream?

movimiento agua


[ I save ]

“Water as the principle of life”.

In the world, up to 1.6 million children die annually due to causes related to the lack of drinking water.

movimiento valores


[ I apply ]

Sustainability is born from living together and building relationships with all living beings based on values.


What are you waiting for?

It’s time