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Together for glocal sustainability

This is a road map about what you can do in your daily life within 10 key themes to preserve the balance on earth.
Because the very existence of humanity and its future are inseparable from the natural environment, and because YOU can do so much Start today!

Click on each of the tips that you can commit to, either because you currently practice them or because you want to incorporate them into your day to day.

Keep in mind that you can always return to this section to select more tips to the extent possible for you.

Sustainable mobility [ I move smart ]

Energy [ I moderate energy consumption ]

Responsible consumption [ I choose ]

Fair society [ Be more than have ]

Nature [ I revalue ]

Citizen participation [ I act informed ]

Solid waste [ I reduce ]

Go further [ I react ]

Water [ I save water ]

Values [ I apply ]


believe that I can be part of the solution, I sign this decalogue with the determination to put its values into practice in my walk through life.