What is it and how does it apply?

The methodology we use is called SIRAA and was developed by the Tláloc Foundation over several years to build sustainable citizenship and to generate projects with a positive impact on their community.

This method was strengthened from the experience gained by working with an indigenous community in a joint project. Its basic principle is capacity building and the empowerment of local actors, who are part of a group within public, private, social organizations or a particular community.

Modelo SIRAA
modelo siraa sensibilizar


First the awakening of the senses is provoked to reinterpret realities and open new approaches to different problems.

modelo siraa informacion


This leads to the desire to know more about what you want to change. In informing, the power to know about the reality that was previously problematized and studied is provided.

modelo siraa reflexion


Then you are invited to contrast perceptions and the information we receive to form our own opinion, as well as to generate ideas and proposals.

modelo siraa acción


A fundamental step is to put these ideas into practice. Each of us must become a protagonist at the individual level and achieve collective action, as well as question and adapt their own daily actions.

modelo siraa aprendizaje

Learning (or Aprendizaje in spanish)

Finally, we must deepen our understanding of the impact and value of our actions and projects, as well as the variables and consequences we had not anticipated, to redesign and strengthen our strategies.